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You know you now.

Freedom, hope, possibility, confidence: a mind and body in free flow state. Junow embodies a set of sensory workshops where you gain muscle control and awareness, whilst stripping away the momentary bothers of life through movement, tapping and kinesthetics. Gain focus through learning how to defocus.  Solve problems by hacking the flow cycle of your own body. 

Junow helps their clients rip out old wiring for negativity. Together we developed a card game that livens up the process of learning that is often perceived by people as stuffy, and classroom bound.

The course is divided into themes. Each theme offers a question that you should answer instantly after reading. No time for lies.

The eyes are not connected to the brain, fundamentally they are the brain. Having reminders of our learning progress in our home is therefore not a bad idea. These painting were made on 70 x 50 cm format, in other words house decoration proof.

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