Who is at the wheel of NINI?

Annelien is a creative consultant and illustrator based in Ghent, Belgium. Her daily aim is to see and create beauty. Through NINI she flips the script our brain is feeding us, making room for play, losing sense of time, a deep dive into unhurried thinking

Ni...Ni. Neither x nor y. 

"I find stillness in extremes. I like to live fast and slow, like to work fast and slow and love fast and slow. Sports, books and animals charge me. Friends give me strength. Love makes me calm and fires me up. My ebb and flow in a nutshell."

Incidentally, "Nini" is also her auntie name and reminds her to think on the right side of the brain. The Knights Who Say NINI, a co-elevation network spun of entrepreneurs who help each other reach their moonshot, aspire to impact the underbelly of their environment through their brand.  

Is this you? Drop me a message.  

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