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So. Who is she?

Annelien is an illustrator and wood designer working in Oudburg, Ghent.

In life she seeks sensory incentives: ice baths; long walks in a city full of

scents, ambiance and color; slow cooking and ecstatic dance.

An academic background in literature gives her a magnetic pull towards stories and characters.


She bridges the gap between language and image daily for national and international newspapers and magazines. Here too she listens to the rhythmic heart of the text. With emotion, color and mood she elevates editorial illustrations to images that can stand on their own two feet, that have a story to tell.


Let it come. Naturally.

Her artistic style expression develops organically and intuitively

alongside new art directors and at the rhythm of fresh projects. 

She lives eagerly and with curiosity and tries new avenues when 

the time is right.

This is me.
This is where I work.
This is my work buddy.
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